Thomas Rauchenstein: Career Counsellor


Hello, and welcome to! With professional experience in college and university settings, my passion as a Career Counsellor is to equip people for rewarding career journeys. Whether you happen to be exploring options, seeking a job change, or needing training for your job search, my commitment to you remains the same: you will feel more confident and equipped to land your dream job after working with me.

As a client, you can expect three key benefits from our counselling sessions:

First, my sessions save you time and money by providing you with the self-knowledge and research skills you need to effectively target the careers you’ll love.

Second, my sessions give you a competitive advantage. Most job seekers only compete for advertized postings on the internet. But that only accounts for 20% of the jobs available in today’s labour market. By contrast, my clients learn proven strategies for accessing the “hidden” labour market –giving them access to the 80% which others tend to overlook.

Third, my sessions come with a personalized touch. Unlike some career service outlets, I don’t rush through clients in order to meet funding requirements or service quotas; nor do I charge exorbitant prices for hands-on training. By working with me, you get quality, personalized career coaching at a reasonable price.

If you would like more information about the services and packages I offer, please click on the main menu (above). To inquire about intake, rates, or making an appointment, please contact me directly here.

I look forward to working with you!

Thomas Rauchenstein, M.A., C.D.P.

Career Counsellor, Public Speaker, Mental Health Advocate